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1. What is the process to obtain product certification and green industry certification from PT IAPMO Group Indonesia?
The process to obtain product certification is described in the Certification Scheme located on this website and the application package which is available to download
here. The process to obtain green industry certification is described in the green industry certification scheme that is also available on this website.  If you have any question and/or need more information regarding listing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff via e-mail at or via phone using phone numbers shown at Contact Us page on our website.

2. Once my product is listed with PT IAPMO Group Indonesia, can I advertise using PT IAPMO Group Indonesia certification mark?
Yes, using PT IAPMO Group Indonesia shield mark on your advertisement is one of the benefits of being listed with PT IAPMO Group Indonesia.  In fact, PT IAPMO Group Indonesia encourages all manufacturers to do so to demonstrate the quality level of your products in comparison with your competitor.  Please contact PT IAPMO Group Indonesia staff for more details.

3. Are the factory Inspections announced in advance?
Yes, advance notifications will be provided for every factory inspections through the main contact that we have on your file.  Therefore, please let us know if there is change on your contact information.

4. How do I submit a complaint or appeal?
Please submit your concern via e-mail at One of our staff will contact you with additional information on our procedure for handling complaint/appeal.

5. Do you have available a complete description of the registration process, including the application and appeals process and policies regarding suspension, withdrawal and cancellation of the management system certificate?
Yes, PT IAPMO Group Indonesia has policies in place that govern all of the above. These policies are available to be viewed via these links: Registration Protocol, Impartiality Policy, Appeal Procedure, Complaint Process, Use of KAN Mark. List of suspended and withdrawn client can be found here.
Please send an email to if you have further questions.