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Testing Services 

Plumbing Products 
Ceramic Water Closet
• SNI 03-0797-2006
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.19.14
• EPA WaterSense Specification for Tank-Type Toilets

Other Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures (Bathtubs, Sink, and Urinals)
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1
• EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency FlushingUrinals Specification

Supply Fittings (Kitchen, Sink, and Lavatory Supply Fittings)
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, except toxicity
• EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency Lavatory Faucet Specification
• EPA WaterSense Specification for Showerheads

Waste Fittings (Shower and Sink Drainage)
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.18.2/CSA B125.2

Enamelled Cast Iron and Steel Plumbing Fixtures (Kitchen & Bar Sink)
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.19.1/CSA B45.2

Metal Plumbing Fixtures (Bathtub, Sink, etc)
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.19.3/CSA B45.4
• CSA B45.12/IAPMO Z402

Pressurized Flushing Devices for plumbing fixtures (Flushometers)
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASSE 1037/ASME A112.1037/CSA B125.37

Anti-Siphon Fill Valves for Water Closet Tanks
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASSE 1002/ASMEA 112.1002/CSA B125.12

Flexible Water Connectors
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.18.6/CSA B125.2

Trim for Water Closet Bowls, Tanks,and Urinals
• SNI 8153:2015 including ASME A112.19.5/CSA B45.15

Metal Pipe and Fittings
• ASTM A888
• CSA B70
• ASTM A74
• CISPI 301

Non-Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures
• CSA B45.11/IAPMO Z401
• CSA B45.8/IAPMO Z403

Plastic Plumbing Fixtures
• CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124

Low Lead
• NSF/ANSI 372

Western & Eastern Water Closet for Saudi Arabia
• SASO 1473
• SASO 1258

Plumbing Supply Fitting for Saudi Arabia
• SASO 2655

Building Materials
Ceramic Tiles
• SNI ISO 13006:2010

• SNI 03-6434-2000

Ceramic Tableware
• SNI 7275:2008