Ecolabel Certification

Ecolabel Certification Type I

Ecolabel certification is certification on a product that takes into account the principles of environmental stewardship where the focus of the assessment includes the use of raw materials, environmental management, energy and the use of packaging.


Our ecolabel certification scheme is:

-Sheet glass (SNI 7188-10-2017)

-Ceramic tiles (SNI 7188.8-2013)

-Wall paint (SNI 7188.6-2010)



For rights and obligations and other rules contained in the certification agreement below:

Certification Agreement


Ecolabel Certification Type II

Ecolabel certification Type II or self-declaration is a company’s initial claim for a product that meets certain environmental aspects. With the Ecolabel Type II or Self-Declaration Certification, it is evident that the company is committed to fulfilling the environmental aspects that have been determined

Our Ecolabel Verification Body registration certificate is as follows:

Registration certificate Ecolabel Verification Body of IAPMO Group Indonesia

The ecolabel certification scheme we have is:

-Ecolabel of Laundry Services

The scope is:

  1. Household laundry is a small scale laundry that includes kilo and coin laundry
  2. Industrial laundry is a large-scale laundry that includes commercial, hospital, institutional and on-premises/private laundry

-Ecolabel of Concrete

The scope that will be evaluated using this scheme is green concrete products produced from each batching plant with a claim of reducing resource use in 1 year which is assessed through:

  1. The final product contains a minimum of 25% pozzolanic material (Fly ash, GGBFS, etc.) or a minimum of 50% waste (slag, etc.) and by-products (rock ash, etc.)
  2. Minimum use of 2% recycled water during the concrete production process

-Ecolabel of Food Packaging

The scope that will be evaluated using this scheme is food packaging with environmental claims as follows:

  1. Can be recycled (recycleable)
  2. Recycled content

-Ecolabel of Washing and Cleaning Agents

The scope that will be evaluated using this scheme is a liquid washing/cleaning agent with an active surfactant with a biodegradable claim.

-Ecolabel of Sanitary and Fittings

The scope that will be evaluated using this scheme is sanitary equipment and supply fittings with water efficiency claims.

Included in the sanitary equipment and supply fittings are:

  1. Bathtub and mixer faucets
  2. Dishwasher faucets and mixers
  3. Sink faucet/beep and mixers
  4. Shower
  5. Flushing device
  6. Urinal flushometer